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Novum Nano Oil Additive™


Novum Nano Oil Additive™

Internal combustion engines are a significant source of diesel and gasoline consumption, which costs both commercial operators as well as the general public considerable amounts of money over time. The emissions from these vehicles also contribute greatly to global warming by trapping carbon dioxide in our atmosphere where it can do damage for years to come.

Novum Nano Oil Additive™ is an innovation of nanotechnology. The design of hydrogen and carbon bonding nanotubes and boron nitride nanosheets significantly reduces engine friction and provides a noticeable improvement in fuel efficiency and component longevity. Your motorcycle or vehicle will run better and longer than engines not regularly utilizing Novum Nano Oil Additive™.

Novum Nano Results

Novum Nano Oil Additive™ utilizes carbon nanotubes and hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets to increase thermal conductivity and allow for extreme friction reduction when compared to high performance synthetic motor oils without additives. After testing over 30 gasoline and diesel powered motor vehicles on a dynamometer it was revealed that Novum Nano Oil Additive™ resulted significant increases in torque and horsepower for both motor types. Additionally, the same vehicles realized up to 11% better fuel economy and improved start ups.

Our team was lucky enough to work with Black Hills Harley-Davidson to test the effectiveness of Novum Nano Oil Additive™ as they provided us with a 2009 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Night Train and a dynamometer. The motorcycle was equipped with a 96ci engine with 25,322 miles on it. We utilized 3quarts of Novum Nano Oil Additive™ and performed 3 sets of tests.

Not only did the motorcycle see an increase in fuel efficiency but it also saw a 10.73% increase in horsepower and an 11.92% increase in torque which for a lightweight vehicle are both significant increases. As a team we proceeded to test 5 other motorcycles ranging from 3-22 years old and 7,000-57,000 miles on their motors. Each vehicle saw similar if not better results as the 2009 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Night Train.

Our team was also fortunate enough to also test a 2010 Peterbilt straight truck equipped with a Paccar PX8 engine. After testing the truck while under load we saw the turbo temperatures had dropped from 740°F to 720°F. Additionally, the thermal stability of the engine oil improved by 22°C keeping the engine running at a more optimal temperature. Not only did the drop in turbo and engine oil temperatures improve the efficiency of the vehicle but it also provided improved fuel efficiency. Every test we have run suggests that both diesel and gasoline vehicles will see reduced engine wear, increased engine life, improvements in horsepower and torque, and overall engine improvement.


Lubrication is extremely important for many domestic and industrial processes. Over the years, significant effort has been put into developing environmentally-friendly lubricants. These lubricants were designed to improve the operating efficiency, extend the service life of machinery, and decrease costs over time. A lubricant performs many crucial functions, including lubrication, cooling, and safeguarding metal surfaces against corrosive damage.

The effectiveness of oil additives has been improved with the introduction of nanotechnology.

The major advantages of incorporating nanotechnology into existing lubricants are the small-scale effects like insensitivity to temperature and excellent performance in high-friction environments.

Novum Nano Applications

The innovative technology in Novum Nano Oil Additive™ and proven benefits gives this amazing product seemingly endless applications. As a form of nano technology, our oil additive significantly improves power and torque while also reducing wear on the engine while increasing its lifetime. Additionally Novum Nano Oil Additive™ will provide you with increased fuel economy and reduction in green house gas emissions.

All these benefits are not limited to motorcycles and semi-trucks! Every gasoline and diesel vehicle can utilize Novum Nano Oil Additive™ to realize immediate benefits. Novum Nano Oil Additive™ can be used in super cars, such as a Ferrari, passenger vehicles, such as a Honda Civic, transportation vehicles, construction vehicles, marine vehicles and so much more! The nano technology within the oil additive will work with nearly every engine type, giving you endless options for how you utilize Novum Nano Oil Additive™ and where you see the benefits.

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