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High Fuel Prices & How Novum Nano Oil Additive Can Help

High Fuel Prices & How Novum Nano Oil Additive Can Help

In the last ten years the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has increased to new heights. For the many who still rely on their gas/diesel powered vehicles every day, there is a new product available. Novum Nano Oil Additive™ is a revolutionary nanotechnology oil additive that will not only have your motor vehicle running better and longer but you will also notice significant increases in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, gasoline or diesel.  

As the world and world economy continues to be in flux it is uncertain where prices will be in the future but why suffer when Novum Nano Oil Additive™ is here to help. 

How Novum Nano Oil Additive™ Can Help With High Fuel Prices

Lubrication is an extremely important aspect for most domestic and industrial processes, especially as it pertains to engines. Most lubricants have been designed to improve the operating efficiency, extend the service life and decrease the costs over time of machines such as engines. Lubricants help your engine and other machines by cooling, lubricating and safeguarding metal surfaces against corrosion. The effectiveness of lubricants and oil additives has been improved with the revolutionary introduction of nanotechnology. 

Novum Nano Oil Additive™ utilizes carbon nanotubes and hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets to increase thermal conductivity and allow for extreme friction reduction when compared to other synthetic motor oils with additives. This technology, when tested on a dynamometer on several vehicles, led to impressive torque and horsepower improvements. Additionally, there were improvements in vehicle starts, power increases and up to 11% better fuel economy. 

Novum Nano Oil Additive™ will improve engine longevity and oil lifetime for the vehicles that use it. This technology provides benefits due to reducing friction, wear, and stress on the engine and auxiliary components. Testing suggests that engine wear will be reduced and will result in significant increases in engine life.

If you are interested in seeing how the Novum Nano Oil Additive™ works for yourself, order your own bottle today! 

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